I love feelings, though not all feelings are good ones. All feelings are what connects us together, they allow for emotional experiences, the sense of belonging or not. In the end of it, when we connect to the spiritual world we actually are made aware of that place and persons through our feelings and our response is emotion. A man once said to me I can’t hear a preacher that cries, I responded that if we never cry then we are not alive yet. Just consider how live would be without feelings, no emotional response, no tears, no laughter, wow that’s dead. When one of your children share their pain with you, then you feel it, and your response is emotional. I really don’t think I could understand anything without feelings. I am not a sports nut, but my brother is. He is supper emotional about every game he watches. I on the other hand never think of sports in that way or at all. I can’t remember anything about the game or person or anything at all. I must connect through my feelings in order to be involved with anything.

Something that goes along with feelings and emotions, is imagination. A great imagination evokes strong emotions. We can visualize something in our imagination with a deep feeling, and at least for a time become what we see. To write, sing or dance well there must be feelings, we have to visualize our next move and get involved. Get into everything you do, if not then that one is not for you, feel. Living is feeling and emotion is a response to that feeling. It should be a normal acceptable thing, where it’s not then there is no life in that place. So we relate to God and spiritual matters just as we should relate to life with each other in this world. It’s the same, only deeper when God shows up.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/14/2011.

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