What can I say about today? Veterans day. We are celebrating a day to remember every person that was effected by war. This should include every mother and father, brother and sister, husband or wife, and every son or daughter. Because no one is exempt from the ravages of war. Which brings me to the question in my head. Are Politicians exempt from the effects of war? Or are they without feelings, unable to make a right decision because the might lose face or money?  What is this about anyway? I’m certain that its nothing they can control, but whats wrong with those of us that put this type of person in a place of power. Have we lost our willingness to demand leaders that reflect what we stand for? Is it too much to ask for a person of character to lead us someone touched by the infirmaries of others, someone with the moral fiber to keep them on track with reality? Why must we forever endure persons that we would never call our friends take the place to lead us, make decisions for us, and send our children to war. Not a war based on what is considered right, but a war with no real purpose for us or the world around us, except perhaps being the big guy on the block or maybe in some sick way, another way to make money. I will never understand, I’m sorry, but put these asses on the front lines. Let them taste of war, experience first hand what the ravages of war are all about. Then if they live through it,we might if all other qualities are present, allow them to run for office. If we did that there would be fewer wars and fewer men, women, and children, to remember on Veterans day aka Armistice day. Which actually means end of war.

We are all Veterans!

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/11/2011.

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