No fear

Probably the thing we are least concerned with when we are young, and very aware of when we get older is the reality that, one day not to far in the distant, I am going to die. Then what? It is written the we are appointed once to die, and then the judgment. Kind of ominous isn’t it? Well lets look at the word judgement a little differently than most conjure up in their minds. That term ” judgment” means having all things made right. Now that’s not the fire in the eyes hell and damnation I was taught about. I really don’t know as no one has returned to say what goes on, however I do know it goes on.

I have had the opportunity to experience death on three different occasions. Not all are great revelations of heaven, but in two of those experiences, I found myself in a place from which I didn’t want to leave. I remembering telling the doctor I was mad at him for bringing me back because the place I was in was so wonderful. I don’t think I can give a just description, but I will say that it was a very Brilliant, clean, and peaceful place. Pain was gone, cares and worries gone, I needed nothing more. Alas I am back. Death where is your sting now. To fear death is unnecessary as it is after death we will finally find that satisfaction we long for. We will be home. I know there many among us that say we will be sent back as someone else for another time. I find that concept a little cruel, as from what I can see we are getting over crowded already and why would I need to make it worse. Any way believe what we will, I that day we will know.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/10/2011.

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  1. Just what I was seeking for, appreciate it for posting .


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