How spiritual?

What kind of measuring stick do we use to measure spiritual growth? Is there anyone alive on earth that can decide if another person is spiritual or not, or how much. How is it then that we have people running around acting like they have the gift, of knowing who is spiritual or not. It seems to me that there is a big, question about this person, since there is no guidelines for us to go by. Somebody said that we can measure ourselves by other spiritual men or women, but then who is the one that determines the other spiritual person. You can’t measure yourself against God. For that mater you can’t measure yourself against the anyone in the Bible, nobody I know has had there lives yet.

Maybe we’re not supposed expected to self evaluate, maybe we’re supposed to be keeping our eye on the prize, and when the day arrives that something might be said of us, may it be that we are faithful.

Lucifer made a big mistake by, saying I will attain unto the throne of the most high. I would think that maybe we could learn from others mistakes. If you are reaching to high then you are too high. Become the least, then you will understand the term greatest. Our thoughts are not his thoughts. Aren’t you really Glad.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/10/2011.

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