If someone is in this world, but not of this world. What does that make them? Aliens? No It makes them strangers in a foreign land. Someone just passing through. It makes them someone with their feet on the ground where ever they are, and there hearts in the place they long to be.

If I am destined for a home somewhere else, how is it that I get so wrapped up in the issues that shape this place. I think, that I should be totally involved in my preparation for where I will call my home.

There is a saying here love it or leave it. Well it’s not always that easy. Oh don’t take it wrong, I love that what is provided for me here in this place is really pretty great, all things considered. It’s just a place I can’t get to yet, I Long for. It’s really not a place so much, it’s just the one great Love of my life will be there, and I really can’t wait to get there.

I have had a glimpse of what to expect, It is so far removed from this life, I really can’t explain it. I just know I want to be there.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/09/2011.

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