The darkness is not evil. It is human nature made known by light. In an earlier blog, I attempted to capture emotions experienced while traveling through a very long dark time of my life. In so doing, I might have left the impression of despair and doom. I  want to take the time here to clarify my experience.

The simple truth is that if a person walks toward the light, they are going to experience everything that the light shows them. Human nature away from God is very dark. If we are to experience change that will cause us to continue on our path, light is necessary.

One of the most difficult aspects of seeking after God is we are periodically confronted with our own dark nature. Prior to that we don’t even know it exists. We in time understand that our dark nature is in direct opposition to God’s nature.

We think we have light in ourselves, and we do, it’s a flashlight in contrast to the light of the sun. Shine your light into the sun and see what happens. It disappears. Shine you light into a box with a hole in it and it will show all the darkness in the box and drive it into the corners. That is what happens when we walk in the light of God. Fortunately not all of God’s light or we would perish.

Now saying all that, to share darkness as part of an experience is important, it puts us on common ground so to speak. By my seeing all that darkness it causes me to long for change, and the contrast of the two will be a driving force to keep me heading for, no, maybe even walking in the light.

The discovery of oneself isn’t pretty but it is necessary.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/09/2011.

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