My Arrows

     Someone asked me if I was leaving a legacy by writing all these thoughts down. My answer was no, I was leaving something for my children, so they would know a part of me that otherwise would not have been known. My legacy is my children! It is totally amazing how you see yourself in your children. I have four, each with their own quirks, passions, and philosophies.

     My eldest daughter is like the grand matriarch of the family. She is all mom, total wife, Susie homemaker and an incredible cook. She is the local pet and people adoption center.  Then, there is miss philanthropic, serving others from a young age, now a nurse and caring for anyone who needs her help. She is a wonder mom, loving wife, the one who puts all her wants aside  for the sake of others. Wow, there is sure some great women in my family circle.

    Now, there are the boys. The eldest is our/or was crash Corrigan, because if he could have broken something or any bone in his body, he would. He has finally slowed down now, so maybe he will stay in one piece.  He is a wonderful man who loves his wife and kids and is growing everyday into the man he was ment to be. He has a gift for music and really gives himself to the task of being provider, as well as mister helper for every friend around because he can fix just about anything. Now, finally for the baby of the family. This young man is the one with all the imagination and plenty of brains. He is a gifted and fabulous singer, writer, and probably anything he puts his mind to. He’s not married yet, but hopefully someone special has her eye on him.

     The truth is that they got a great deal from their mother, but it’s about me today so, damn its great looking in the mirror of my children. Oh, and it keeps going, because so far there are eleven Grandchildren. P.S young son is now married.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/04/2011.

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