Owning it?

As a younger man I have experienced  thinking that because I saw some spiritual truth, I was immediately the possessor of that truth. For instance when I discovered that there was a gift of healing available in God, I immediately set out to become a healer. Of course I soon found out that I was not the healer, and just because I understand it doesn’t mean that  it was mine. God did eventually allow me to experience this manifestation, but not immediately. Now that I’ve grown in years and experience, I understand that just because you understand something doesn’t make it part of you life. There is still a long process from where I stand to reach the place where that truth is assimilated.

I like to relate it to my time on the farm as a boy. We being the cows in the pasture feeding, drinking, and experiencing everything available in the pasture. The as food becomes scarce I start looking to greener pastures. I see a little ways off that there is a lush green place that is wonderful, and for a little while its as if I am already there eating new food, drinking special water and experiencing all that is available to me there. Alas I am still in the first place.  At some point the gate to the next place opens and I begin to move from the first pasture toward the next one. As I move in that direction I became aware of something I did not see before. There is a great gully between me and the next place,and to get there I must first descend into the bottom of the gully cross the bottom of the gully and then climb up the other side before I can begin to just taste of the newly discovered land. Oh! I didn’t even mention all the trials, enemies, difficulties, and stumbling blocks I meet along the way. By the time I have gone through all that and eaten my fill,drank my need , and embraced all I needed to learn in the new land, I finally realized I was now assimilating all the land had to offer, and it has become a part of me.

In the scheme of things, there many such places available to us on the way, we can choose anywhere along the way to stop, and relish in the one aspect of God we have, though we also stop growing as well, or we can continue on in the wonderful pursuit of a relationship with the creator who is evolving us and everything before us.

~ by spiritualhypster on 11/02/2011.

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