The Non-religion?

There is a trend being batted around by those who either don’t know or don’t want to know if there is a god. The term used is the non-religion. I have already mentioned my thoughts on religion, but now I want to name something which I believe to be a proper balance to the two, but there isn’t a name that I feel is proper. I guess I have already done that by saying that is not an organization of beliefs that make me rightly related to God. I want to say now that the non-religion is also not the way either. Because we are part of the Organism of Gods purpose and not the organization of our purpose.

In this organism there is no premise. It is without presupposition. There is no hierarchy to deal with, as a body can only have one head.There is no building to keep up, no coffers to fill, no axes to grind. There is only one purpose for the organism to exist. That is to be what God has made us to be and that totally by nature. After all a hand can’t just say to the head I want to be a foot, or an ear, a hand is designed to be a hand. Wouldn’t it look silly if someone had a hand in place  of and ear. Each person is seeking their own God based on their own understanding. It will encourage, welcome and even embrace all walks of life from any standing in life without reservation. It will, above all things live with one want. That want is to love above all other desires and to seek the relationship with God that we are all invited to have. It will have no definition of a right or wrong way of worshiping God. It will have a heart that understands that life does not play fair, in hard times or in good times. As long as all the parts of the body are in harmony and in health. Life is just about living and living is about enjoying each and every moment of our life.


For reference to my position on religion see Archives.

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/28/2011.

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