Sitting now, I wonder are their others sitting and contemplating. I sometimes wonder how much longer? Why? Is there really an excuse that justifies sending our children off to some foreign land to be shot at, blown up or killed? Is there really a good reason to rob someone of their youth, and crippling their emotions and minds? Can anyone who is responsible for all this stand before the rest of humanity and justify war. One day there will be a time when all things will be laid bare for all to see. I hope your heart can stand the pain when it all comes flooding in and the many faces that you put in harm’s way parade by with the pain in their eyes, and their families with them looking at you with an accusation. Is it all right to kill?

I went away a little boy. I returned a madman. No one could see inside and no one really cared. I stand today to say to you, I am sorry. Sorry that no one taught you better, sorry you didn’t understand. I am sorry that I wasn’t strong enough to seek out a helping hand. I am sorry that I kept my heart hidden deep within my soul. I am sorry, that when you offered, I said no. Forgive me all my indiscretions, I wasn’t in my right mind. Or was it just my nature, or did someone make me blind. Oh, that I had been the kind of man who when you sent me to die, I would have refused preferring prison to a lost soul and mind. But, alas I was not. Someone very special sought me out and asked if I would like a cuddle. In those arms I began the life long walk of healing, and though I am much better now, I would like to know sir how are you?

I forgive you!

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/27/2011.

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