Just Talk

I remember when I first encountered the religious experience and I wondered about how one prayed. What is prayer anyway? We have all seen the pictures of a person, usually with a small child kneeling at the side of the bed, saying their prayers. This was my first impression, but it didn’t stay that way. With time, came greater understanding. There is a lot that isn’t prayer. It is not posture and I don’t need to be on my knees,though I can if that’s what I’m comfortable with that. Some of us can’t get on our knees anymore, so that would be just cruel! It is also not saying the same words over and over, or in the exact order. I don’t believe that God is deaf either and it seems absurd that there are people that feel the need to scream or yell out loud.

What prayer is to me, is simple. It is talking, but not just talking. I am referring to talking to God from a place so deep inside my being, in a place where only I can go. This is why prayer gets answered in a time of sorrow or trouble, because it brings out a desperation that reaches down deep and pulls out a cry of honesty. This is when God hears. I learned that when I speak to God that I have to do so in truth, because falseness in any fashion can’t enter his company. There is a place inside each of us where God will communicate with us. It is here that anyone can hear the still small voice, and where we can speak in direct connection.

I was learning this new way to pray or connect with God during a time that I was associated with a more generally accepted way of prayer. A song is what really changed pray for me. When a person spends time in gods presence they have a song that is just there all the time. I really like that. When someone sings with all their heart and soul, it carries with it something that touches the spirit of all within earshot. It was while singing that I received my lessons in communicating with God. I talk much with God, and I try to remember he is not Santa Clause. I have learned that when I express my heart to God, then I will fall in love with him and want to just sit at his feet and be in his presence.

Lastly, prayer can be a continuous flow of my spirit that just happens and doesn’t need my head involved to be praying. Some would ask when do you pray? My answer is without ceasing.

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/24/2011.

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