Whats in a name?

I believe that the study of names is a study from which we all could derive benefit. Mothers- and fathers-to-be, begin the study almost automatically, when they begin planning for their new child’s arrival. They go through all the books, and look at names and combinations that might work; many research the names’ meanings, desiring to give the child a name that exemplifies what they want for their baby. What a great experience! One that all of us should have! We should look at individuals throughout history, those who have had great affect on the lives of others, and see what their names meant. We should also look into other cultures’ histories for an understanding of their deities, and their names, and the meanings thereof. The understanding of your own name might explain some of your natural actions, inclinations, feelings, or reactions.

In fact, there is much more in a name than most of us realize. Early civilizations learned that a name had definite expression as to the nature of the one being named. The Old Testament contains a great deal concerning names, and periodically, various names of God show up (For example, “El Shaddai,” or “El Elyon”). In truth God has many names, and in many cultures. What we fail to understand is that God is sharing, not only his name, but more, His Nature, with us.

The words “name” and “nature” are synonymous in these older texts. If you read carefully, you will discover that God is called Healer, Comforter, Keeper, “our defense”, a guide, a teacher, a giver, a creator, and many, many more names. My point here concerns those times when we say (or think) we do things in the name of God, as some of us are prone to do. I think that if we prayed with the Nature of God, rather than “in the name…”, we might have far more success.

Of course the question is, “how do I do that?” The answer is that God must put His Nature into you. That way, when God wants to act through you, it will be God’s true Nature doing His own work. It won’t depend on you, as flesh-and-blood, to accomplish what simply is not in your hands to do. God is the natural creator, and much of what He does evolves into what will be. If you want instant cause-and-effect, go to a fast food place and order lunch. God is not a push-me-pull-me toy. Grandparents are. Don’t confuse the two.

It is my contention that there are far too many individuals who command “in the name…”, pray “in the name…”, or try to affect the powers, and gifts, “in the name of…” God, and that they have made something very beneficial and wonderful become something that is very common, and ineffectual. This causes untruths to be believed instead of the truth. This is a direct cause to spiritual knowledge and awareness being lost, and forgotten.

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/20/2011.

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