We only have today. We don’t have any guaranty that promises us tomorrow or any other day. Of course, we all think we are going to live forever, but at anytime you or someone you love could be gone tomorrow. If we could live with this in mind, life would be a lot less complex. We wouldn’t be so worried about the economy, the mortgage, the kid’s college, the possibility that someone might get sick or die, because we would be concentrating on today. We worry about these things more than they deserve and that may be the cause of so many of our illnesses. We have our focus so scattered that we can’t truly concentrate on any one thing, consequently nothing gets our full attention. This lack of attention can cause sorrow and suffering to so many. When we focus on the worries in our life, it is the husband or wife who suffers or the kids end up getting little or no attention and work becomes something that we must do to survive. This poses an inordinate amount of stress on the lifespan of each human being. It stands to reason that at some point we might want to slow down and take a priority check.

There is a place of calm available to us, if we will go there.  I am talking about our relationship with God. You must decide what priority goes where in your life, just as you must decide how much of a relationship you want with God. It’s not important that I suggest who god is “for” you, but for your own sake, find out who god is “to” you. When we apply ourselves to the search, we are always rewarded with a joyful discovery and a true union. It’s very easy to be overwhelmed by all the bad news around us, but we do not have to lose our sense of security. There is a much safer place, and we can trust god to guide us through the difficulties and distractions going on in the world. There must be a safe haven for our soul. Finding peace, a place to hide so to speak, for just a short time can give us direction, purpose, and hope for the days that we are given. Live one day at a time.

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/08/2011.

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