Understanding: Is seeing believing?

As I write this blog, I realize that I experience perception in a unique manner.  I perceive things from a physical aspect, as well as from a spiritual aspect. This is a difficult concept to bring into focus, but I will attempt to do so.

There are many meanings for understanding. When someone makes the statement that they understand, it may be just a mental identification, or it may mean that they perceive the many ramifications. Seeing and hearing are much the same. When we speak of seeing, we may mean with our eyes or we may mean that we actually grasp something intellectually. This also applies to hearing as it does with understanding. I am certain that many are familiar with this concept.

These abilities differ from the spiritual to the physical world. It truly cannot be communicated to others that have not had this experience. If I say that I understand something, then I am saying that – deep inside my spirit – I have been given light that grants me a revelation of something outside the physical. The same holds true for seeing; it is as if I have been given eyes to see into a future or another world or an alternate dimension. When I say I hear, it is a still, small voice communicating to me something that I need to know. It just is.

The human mind tends to compartmentalize. In what I am describing, it can’t be compartmentalized, because it is not communicated to the mind, even though the mind does grasp some of it. People have said to me that they don’t believe in this, and call it “hocus pocus”. But it is not about what others think. You either have eyes to experience it or you don’t . This is not a case of saying someone is special if this is their experience. It is just saying that there is a place in you that can comprehend all of this and it only needs to be awakened.

There are many issues with this awareness, sometimes you hear a broken heart; someone might see how afraid or distraught a person is. There might be an understanding of a wonderful or horrible situation that is happening. Some call it a gift, others call it a curse. That is not for me to decide.

One more element of this is a prayer of  intercession for another person or situation, that can’t really be uttered into this world. It is precious jewels given from someone you cannot see, hear, or understand, but the love is something that you can understand.

This may be confusing to some, and to others it will give hope. I hope that it will stir within everyone who reads it, a burning desire to seek with all their mind-body and soul to find this understanding.

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/07/2011.

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