Wounded Warriors: Remembering

Marine CH-53 Sea Stallion, Al Asad (2165073500)

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Today, while on an outing in the mountains, I stopped at a food joint called the Lookout. When I pulled into the parking lot, there was a Marine Sergeant standing at the rail drinking a beer. I asked him about his uniform, which started a conversation about my time in the Marines. It was so amazing how after nearly thirty-five years I fell right into the routine. But, it reminded me how saddened I am by the effects that war is having on young lives today. It’s not any different from it was in my time, the disillusionment. The feeling of being alone and out-of-place; finding being in war preferable to being home. Why, because in war you know who the enemy is, or at least you think you do.  This young man and I spoke for about an hour. I mostly listened, but because I could identify with him, he was free and easily talked honestly about his feelings of frustration. I heard him say the same things I said years ago.

I went into the service believing that what we were doing was the right thing to do, but after watching the politicians play with the war for their own reasons, I began to realize that the leaders are not seeing things from the same perspective. “De Ja Vu”! Really, is this a new time or just a repeat of another very bad time. Something certainly is not right with all this war stuff. I left the Marines in 1975, one would think that in all this time, my mind would be over it. But, it’s not and I am still angry with the politicians that ran the war effort during the Viet Nam War. Maybe the Politicians should start figuring out that its their job to keep us out of war at all costs. Then, if something like 911 comes along, let the military run the fighting and let the politicians do the political stuff with our neighbors, so we don’t cause a bigger problem. I really believe when a politician gets his fingers in the fight, it’s because he didn’t have the balls to join and fight for himself. So, somehow this just makes up for it?

One of the biggest problems stemming from this type of action, is a lot of young men and women lose their lives to war, because some idiot with a small penis was trying to be  a big shot. Men and Women don’t just lose there lives by dying, that is perhaps the easiest death. They also lose their ability to live as normal productive people, no childhood, too much responsibility too soon, experiencing the emotional trauma that most normal humans don’t ever have to experience. The life they are left with is a dichotomy, since who they are and the way in which they see things are completely different. At best, they resign to live amidst their perceived enemies in emotional disarray hoping that some day the suffering will end. The question is: is there really any help? The only exception is when they can meet with those who are able to share and identify with their pain and their past. Relief can only come from those who were there, because they are the ones who understand what goes on inside of each of us that lost someone they use to be, to the notion that there is a need for war.

God please help us.

There is a picture my grandparents had hanging in their living room. The name of it was “In search of an Honest Man”. I feel as if this has been my quest and my sincere desire for the rest of us.

I am tired and sad at all the loss.

As tears run down my cheeks, I ponder the true value of a human life.

May we, one day, learn to live without strife.

~ by spiritualhypster on 10/01/2011.

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