A pause to reflect.

Every day we wake up to face a new day, look in the mirror and prepare our selves for the challenges and struggles that life may bring.  Every night we wash up after a day of work, activities or functions, but is there ever a moment in that twenty-four hours that we ask ourselves, am I living a life that I believe in? Or, is this a life that someone told me to live? The answer to that question takes some personal honesty. It is so much easier to conform to the environment in which we live, than to perhaps take a different course of action, especially for those that choose not to live with lies any more. It isn’t important what someone else thinks about you, it is only important that you are true to yourself in all things. If we don’t agree with the religious system that we have chosen, we shouldn’t fool ourselves into living against the guiding force within. There is a sense of the true and the false within each of us. When do we begin to live a life following this kind of guidance? It is a treasure that will give us all that we need to make the correct decisions. Within us is a power that will heal, restore and enlighten. We have in us the keys to the kingdom within. When we don’t listen to our inner voice, the onset of unbalance begins. This can bring on a time of chaos inside, which if left unchecked can lead to depression or illness. We can  remedy this by altering our choices. We are capable of anything. We have the power to do good or not, to laugh or cry, to be depressed or to embrace our lives. It is in our hands, though there is a God that will aid if allowed. We can’t always fix all the problems outside of ourselves, but we can address our own issues.

Perhaps you say you don’t believe in a God. Well perhaps a source  believes in you.  Believing or not believing doesn’t change a thing. If I don’t believe in oxygen that doesn’t change the fact that I will die without it. I no longer believe in this sense  either. You see I know who I believe in on a personal level, which is truly the only way one can know a higher power. Perhaps, you believe in evolution and I too believe that creation is evolving. There is no opposition in truth, embracing all will bring understanding at the end of our journey anyway.  Faith is necessary for us to step into a new spiritual place and when we have lived in that place for a while we will intimately know. It has been said that we possess this part of knowledge, in truth though I think it possesses us.  Some may say that they don’t believe in Hell. I’ve seen Hell many times in this life, but each time I found a bit of Heaven on the other side. Is there life after death? There are many differing philosophies concerning life after death.  I have had several opportunities to leave this earthly body, only to be brought back again. I felt cheated each time I returned to this body. All things are plausible. Until you have walked a mile in someone’s shoe’s there is no way for you  to know the path they have traveled. It is your journey alone and each of us finds our path.

In the beginning, spiritual matters are ethereal. If they stay that way perhaps we are not getting it. Life must produce something solid, tangible and something we keep as precious. A stepping stone, which leads us to our next reality. You see, I view the ethereal world to be the real one. This world is just a place to experience and grow and to prepare us for the true life that we will one day embrace.

~ by spiritualhypster on 09/27/2011.

One Response to “A pause to reflect.”

  1. When you say “Creation is Evolving”, that puts my beliefs into three words! Thanks for that, since I could never explain out loud how I can be at peace with believing in both but God makes the rules and gives direction…


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