In almost all religious writing, there is a definite line drawn between the positions of authority. When any authority crosses the defined line, there is a conflict. The obvious position of authority that we have become accustomed to is the national government.  Under this authority there is also the State or Municipal governing bodies.  The United States had designed our system to allow for separation within these confines. All of these have their boundaries if properly observed, and if protected, will function well. There is a family governing body and our government has very limited power within this structure. Schools, health and safety are among some of the areas of government which reach across those boundaries. Other organizations of a social nature whose governing strength is powered from within are created by choice, but by design are  hierarchical in its effect on the family structure.  This would include any religious organization. These all have a tendency to reach across the boundary of family with the purpose of their own design. We as individuals, need to be more vigilant as we act as little like sheep, misled by our own choosing.

It is unfortunate that any governing body succumbs to greed and power, is this human nature?  Due to this practice, the boundaries have disseminated at each level to claim more and give less. This is especially true of Civil and Federal Government, but not any less true of the clergy. There is probably nothing we can do to stop the  intrusion, unless there is a mass exodus, but what we can do is to  make sure we all take part in our circles appropriately as to not cross any boundaries into one another’s authority. This activity is so widely accepted that all factions are embracing the practice. Our main concern should be in the area we can control. This means the religious world encroaching into our personal lives, either with coercion or some other manipulations for conformity. No one else is responsible for us, we stand alone on the merits of our spirit and choices. If we succeed or if we fail it is solely our responsibility. Beyond that, we can only hope to point out to our children this very premise, giving them the guidance and freedom to discover on their own what is in their best interest. We don’t realize how controlled we are in today’s society, but perhaps we can begin to break some of the shackles, and find the path which is our own.

~ by spiritualhypster on 09/24/2011.

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