Mixed Signals

I find my daily experience with the news disconcerting, because it seems that a growing number of politicians are expounding on their religious position in consort with their political position. When did it become a bright idea to drag God into politics?  We should all be standing on our own merit. This is in correlation to my earlier blog and the statement, “My Kingdom is not of this world “. If we are going to say we fall under God’s rule then there is no higher law to live by. Why would you think to bring God down to human standards? Isn’t it supposed to be God elevating us out of our state? It’s just a real good example of what the religious/political parties claim in error. If you are going to get into politics as a religious organization you need to be paying taxes, because you are misrepresenting your fellowship. When we get into a relationship with God, we know when we are in error. If  we take the time to check within, we would know that this is not a path for us and this is just another con man using a new scam to get what they want. I would like to propose that if we follow after a relationship with God with all of our heart, we will please God and not care what the government is doing. After all, we are supposed to be of another world, ultimately we will discover this. Leave the deception to the dark side. Go for Truth.  What is that? If you knew God, you wouldn’t have to ask that question. On a good note, if you’re going to be a politician, do it with all your heart. Just don’t confuse the two systems. You cannot serve God and Money/Power/Position. We cheapen faith by politicizing it.

On another note, I am offended by the commercialism of religion. I watch television ads that specialize in dating and my question is, when did God get into the dating business? Why are we segregating through advertisements? It is my understanding that we are all God’s children.

We all have to live in this world, we don’t have to be something we are not. Be you it’s good enough.

~ by spiritualhypster on 09/19/2011.

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