The Building

What is a Temple? Is it a Mosque, Synagogue, or a Church? This is obviously a place of worship, but in most people’s minds they constitute a physical structure were organized religious groups gather to take part in their religion.

If one looks carefully at many writings throughout these organizations, we would find that spiritual people speak of something more mystical. In one ideology, it is stated as a building not built of brick and mortar. In another, it is stated as a celestial place not touching the earth. In yet another, and possibly the most misunderstood, your body is a Temple.  And last, but not least, “my kingdom is not of this world”. What does these places of worship have to do with how we relate to religion? If we are honest in our evaluation, there must be a very large amount of people wasting a great deal of money building structures which have nothing at all to do with being spiritual.

In my contact with persons who are followers of Buddha, any place inside or outside that people meditate or chant is all that is required and a place of fellowship. Some writings speak of “where two or more are gathered in my name” and this is “not church” but body of Christ.

So, to conclude this thought. Religions build their own kingdom on earth, and you can decide why. I am not against this building process, I just say it has no bearing on how one becomes more in relationship with God.  I believe there are far better ways to spend the untold wealth collected for this purpose.

~ by spiritualhypster on 09/14/2011.

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