Why are you here?

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I want to preface these words with a statement. ( We are only given this moment.) There is no promise we have the next moment, day week or Year. Only one moment at a time.

Now back to the title. I envision for this moment we are in  a meeting room discussing spiritual maters. What ever that means. Now I ask the question. Why are you here? The answers that I receive are as many and as varied as the number of people sitting in this room. Is there a correct answer? Not to me! From me though there is a correct answer, as there is with each one of us. I won’t suppose to know each answer,  but I will say this one thing. The answer will reveal to each of us what our motivation, hopes and desires are. Study these and you may find the answer to some of your own questions. Such does God speak to us today? Why don’t I understand what this means? I am thwarted at every turn in my search for spiritual awareness,  Is there something I am doing wrong. Test the heart, know the spirit, let the Soul find its true place of rest. You shall be known by your fruit.

Oh! this test works in any environment.

Le Cross

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Question: Do you have a cross hanging from some part of you body? How about a Tatoo of a cross on you body some where. How many crosses do you have in your home or on your car, bike or boat ect. What does this symbolize for you? What does it mean.

Did it occurs to you that a cross is an implement of death. It was used for torture and execution throughout history which you can study for yourself. It is used today as a method of attaching steep and goats for the purpose of cooking in south America and other nations around the world.

I was during the Roman period considered one of the cruelest forms of torture and execution possible.

Now back to the Question. Is the cross a symbol you really want to hang on a building or your body. If so what are you saying to all who see?

Don’t get me wrong, Christ told his followers to pick up there own cross and follow him. What do you think he was saying? That this walk is a piece of cake with tons of benefits? I submit to you that this was an invitation to experience your own crucifixion. Pain suffering and death. Perhaps some of us were a little to quick to jump on the band wagon. This symbol is not an advertisement gimmick .

It is a path to death of your life.

With the hope of resurrection! When you think about the misuse of the cross by every religion associated with it and the people they have duped into believing there is some special nice experience, obviously haven’t actually looked at the process of Christ being nailed to the cross.

Think! for yourself and only follow the God who beckons you.

Wild Times Ahead

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Have you ever been outside at night in the pitch black night with clear sky’s? I get to do that periodically , I just marvel at the immensity of it all it goes on for ever. So many stars and planets than it boggles the imagination to consider how this happened. According to the big bang theory by an accident in the cosmos. I have read, that God spans the universe in the palm of his hand, another mind boggling statement . I find it takes one hell of a lot more faith to believe the big bang theory, that it does to think that there is a creator, and the plus side of that is that when the shit hits the fan in our world I trust that God is still on the throne, I don’t always understand but I do always trust.

Whatever do you mean?

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It has been said that righteousness exalts a Nation. I say it also exalts a person. Not in there own eyes, but in the eyes of those who observe. Our nation was once considered a righteous nation, but someone didn’t read the rest. The way of the wicked shall perish in there way. Wickedness starts as a cancer and the process is identical. So it is with us in our walking in God.

Righteousness, simply means to be rightly related to each other and all things around us. If we could ever get there what a person we would be, or Nation.

Because one is the baddest on the block today doesn’t negate the fact that if unrighteousness is running rampant in the leadership that the consequences are nullified. WE will pay a price.

Being rightly related begins first with us and God. If the foundations of our faith are rooted in untruth and corruption then we don’t have a chance of finding the relationship we are looking for whether that is with another person, another nation, or with God.

It seems time for those who want to be rightly related, to search out all things whether the be of God or man. For God is truth!

Make sure our foundations will stand in the storms ahead.

Remember the Kingdom of God is not on this earth, but it is righteousness, peace, and Joy.

Results! sharing?

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I doubt that most will accept my challenge posted in Sharing! just days ago, but in the slim possibility that you may have embarked on this path. I would suggest that you have possibly encountered some trouble, possibly leading you to one of two, or perhaps three outcomes. The first could be that you have found that it is almost impossible for you to articulate about your relationship without the use of religious vernacular. Which might have caused you to question whose relationship is this after all. Or perhaps you have come away with the realization that you don’t have a relationship to discuss at all.  Neither of these are horrible discoveries in their selves, as long as it spurs us to action. Then there is the outside chance that you came away with the greatest love story off all, and if anyone was listening were either mesmerized and enthralled or couldn’t find a way to shut you up. If you among the last then your my heart. Just as you are Gods Heart. What you have is THE TREASURE of All TREASURES. AS the hart pants after the water brook so does my heart pant after you my God.

Sharing !

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I would like to challenge you, with  a task which I have found to be very reveling as well as liberating. Here then is the challenge.

Resolve to talk to others about your relationship with God. The only hitch is, that you don’t use any Bible references. You also must refrain from using any reference to your religious affiliation . No writings of others. To put it another way you must use your own references and expression as the way to tell others of you relationship with the person of God.

No matter what your religion it all comes down to this. What truly is you relationship with your God.

I hope this little exercise will start a revolution in you life as it has in mine, and you will continue to spread the truth. Which of course will set you free.

The Relativity of Truth

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We have heard it said, that truth is relative. This idea first began circulating in college philosophy class discussions. It became one of the great iconoclastic statements of the time. The arguments were first presented in terms which cast doubt upon the New Testament statement, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” This is typical of intellectual  reasoning in that it has a tendency to see no more that one dimension in life. The premise of relativity in the single dimension sense is correct. Truth is relative. We’ve heard this before. It all boils down to this: truth is how we each perceive it. However there are other dimensions in life that we need to take into account. One of these dimensions is that of which those with heightened spiritual senses are very aware. In the spiritual world, truth is a constant. It is very much the same as the truth/law of gravity. It is a fact that the law of gravity is immutable. We can defy it for a moment, but ultimately, what goes up must eventually come down, as seen in the fact that our satellites eventually returning to earth. We can juggle words in any fashion that we like, the meaning will eventually correct itself, because truth will always be truth. It is a marvelous thing, our mind, and we should use it to decipher truth always, with understanding, and not with dogma. After all, truth is always relatively relevant, when spoken from the heart.

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