The Relativity of Truth

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We have heard it said, that truth is relative. This idea first began circulating in college philosophy class discussions. It became one of the great iconoclastic statements of the time. The arguments were first presented in terms which cast doubt upon the New Testament statement, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” This is typical of intellectual  reasoning in that it has a tendency to see no more that one dimension in life. The premise of relativity in the single dimension sense is correct. Truth is relative. We’ve heard this before. It all boils down to this: truth is how we each perceive it. However there are other dimensions in life that we need to take into account. One of these dimensions is that of which those with heightened spiritual senses are very aware. In the spiritual world, truth is a constant. It is very much the same as the truth/law of gravity. It is a fact that the law of gravity is immutable. We can defy it for a moment, but ultimately, what goes up must eventually come down, as seen in the fact that our satellites eventually returning to earth. We can juggle words in any fashion that we like, the meaning will eventually correct itself, because truth will always be truth. It is a marvelous thing, our mind, and we should use it to decipher truth always, with understanding, and not with dogma. After all, truth is always relatively relevant, when spoken from the heart.

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I read a post recently, a family member was writing about how failure seemed to be his lot in life. Well he is only eighteen years old so we know that will change and something new will take its place.

I would like to address the concept of failure, which most commonly is described as falling short of accomplishing a goal.

It is in my experience, something quite different, though it feels much the same at first thought. I have discovered however that failure is actually a disguise, cleverly placed in such a way to give us a choice. We can either go on to something new, or we can step up and find that is actually a rung in a ladder which will lead us to a new plane of life and experience. Truth be told if I go on to something new I will come full circle and find failure once again hiding in the path to success.

Perception is very important in our walk, we usually need to slow down and carefully consider my plight, it is there I will learn to embrace what ever comes my way with open arms there by gaining new levels of experience and understanding.

This said I say now there are no failures, Only opportunities in life so chin up we will discover soon what new thing is in store for us.


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When a person stands at the edge of the great chasm of life and death they are truly abandoned, it is here that one must do nothing but rest in the arms of the one in whom they trust. No options as one can not save themselves, it is left to the hands of those sent to surround you with love, and healing power. If we are not pushed over then we’re caught up and carried away to piece.

It is amazing how many things that were so important to us, seem to just not matter at all after we have a brush with death.

It is precious how that which is truly important is all that matters. Love for Life, for Family and for Friends. and appreciation for the gifted angels that took part in your rescue. That would be all the spiritual energy sent to surround me as well as the huge staff of personal who work feverishly around the clock to ensure that you survive.


Flailing away

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Observation or some religious activity reminds me of a very familiar story of my youth.

That Story is the Man from La Mancha. Don Quixote. If you’re at all familiar with the story, you will no doubt recognize similarities in certain parties of the religious devotes as well as some government minded groups seemingly on the news constantly declaring, the attack of a great monster that will consume our country and all it stands for. We see both these groups as well as individuals mounting their trusty horses and riding off to flail away at the windmills on the hill not for a minute understanding that it is a historic place, and is not a giant invader from outer space. As with Don Quixote they are without their senses, quite insane, but to be forgiven for their inability to grasp that the windmill is merely an allusion and they are brandishing their swords and spears only to continually flail away at an enemy that isn’t moved at all by their silly gestures.

Might it be suggested that neither is defending our country, but simply beating the wind.

I can’t speak to the politicians, but to those of the Spiritual persuasion, Might I suggest that your desire for the Kingdom of God though real is not and never has been of this world. Perhaps our attention could be better placed on securing our anchor so to speak in the waters of the Kingdom of God and build there and stop wasting time trying to keep afloat a sinking ship. This world has its own Gods, shall we leave these misguided efforts to them and seek our place with God.


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If your not challenged in life by something your never going to amount to anything. Expect to not be enough, but strive to be more than enough. follow truth not gossip.
Give and it will be given unto you.

Out of control

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You are not just the sum of your life’s experience. There is a part of you that is completely out of your grasp, this is the spiritual world within. When this is manifest in your life it is for others to see and touch, not for you to get a big head over. No it is not for ego, if it were it wouldn’t be spiritual at all.

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